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LTE eNB Functions

According to the 3GPP Release 8 overview, the eNB hosts the following functions within an LTE network:

  • Radio Resource Management
    • Radio Bearer Control
    • Radio Admission Control
    • Connection Mobility Control
    • Dynamic allocation of resources to UEs in both uplink and downlink (scheduling)
  • IP header compression and encryption of user data stream
  • Selection of an MME at UE attachment when no routing to an MME can be determined from the information provided by the UE
  • Routing of User Plane data towards Serving Gateway
  • Scheduling and transmission of paging messages (originated from the MME)
  • Scheduling and transmission of broadcast information (originated from the MME or O&M)
  • Measurement and measurement reporting configuration for mobility and scheduling

Figure 1 :  Functional Split Between E-UTRAN and EPC

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