5G gNodeB and eNodeB Testing

Built on the world’s most powerful platform for base station testing, the newest addition to the DuoSIM product line is here: The DuoSIM-5G delivers functional and performance testing for both gNodeBs and eNodeBs. Test for the future.

LTE Load Tester

With unrivaled capacity and stability, the DuoSIM-Advanced Load Tester delivers a world-class performance testing solution with the lowest cost per UE in the industry.

LTE Function Tester

The DuoSIM-Advanced Functional Tester quickly validates new features, updates, and early stage development of LTE eNodeBs. It also scales up easily to match development teams’ changing needs.

LTE Environmental Simulator

Easy. Efficient. Affordable. The DuoSIM-Advanced Environmental Simulator is a compact performance testing solution that features an intuitive GUI with simple, drag-and-drop scenario creation tools.

QoE Optimization

Understanding network subscribers’ real-life Quality of Experience (QoE) is essential for optimizing mobile networks. NetPulse, Artiza Networks’ QoE optimization tool, simplifies this process, with the lowest CAPEX and OPEX of any solution on the market.

Packet Capture

When problems and security breaches happen in your network, it’s already too late to start keeping records. The etherExtractor line of packet capture tools offers 0 packet loss and makes it easy to diagnose problems and analyze traffic across your network.

High-end FPGA Board

Equipped with an Intel® Agilex™ 7 F Series FPGA, the Griffin high-end FPGA board is ideal for accelerating vRAN functions and processing next-generation video using two on-board QSFP28 (100 Gbps).