We started from zero:
Zero funds, and zero customers.

Step by step down a difficult and unforgiving path,
over every barrier,
through each new generation of communications technology,
we have persevered for 30 years.

Now we’ve learned.
We never started from scratch.
We are pushing further down a path
first blazed by the research of our predecessors,
and the previous generation of communications engineers.

It is time to share our gratitude.
And, with a renewed spirit, take the next step toward 6G.
A journey to the next generation of communications,
with the next generation of engineers.

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
--Isaac Newton

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CEO Message

My thoughts and gratitude
for all those who joined us
on this 30-year journey.

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Looking back at 30 years of change
and growth at Artiza Networks

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