Accelerate Your Development Cycle

Testing the basic functionality of new eNodeB features early in the development stages is crucial for detecting flaws when they are still easy to fix. If load testing is part of the testing plan, catching issues early on will make the process more efficient because the problems can be resolved before they affect more complex load testing scenarios. Identifying and solving issues in your eNodeB through effective functional testing means development teams can move on to the next stage quickly, and with confidence.

Proven Performance

Functional testing is crucial for confirming that advanced features will work if deployed in a real network. As radio access networks become increasingly complex and cutting edge features are deployed more regularly, ensuring the performance of network infrastructure from the early stages is essential. Developing highly advanced features poses many challenges, but using market-proven testing equipment from the early stages, backed with award-winning support engineers, helps reduce the risk of hardware failure.

Functional Testing Solutions

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