LTE Network Management

NetPulse LTE Quality of Experience Optimizer.

QoE Optimization

For mobile network operators, the ability to respond to the exponential growth of real-time data services, streaming video and OTT services defines their quality of experience. As operators consider new subscription models focused on monetizing these services, improving QoE will become crucial to a network's ability to generate revenue. QoE optimization requires solutions that enable efficient big data analysis, while simultaneously minimizing CAPEX and OPEX.

What is NetPulse?

NetPulse is powered by traffic analysis technology developed at the most advanced operator R&D center in Japan. It captures and analyzes all critical QoE metrics with the lowest CAPEX and OPEX requirements on the market. With a few clicks, it is possible to access key information for network planning and operations, security and marketing.

Application Data/Servers

Measure key statistics such as throughput and ratios of traffic types per application or server.

Ensure performance of existing network equipment with clear performance metrics.

Respond to issues by adjusting network settings including application traffic priority, packet size or access intervals.

eNodeB Operation

Monitor eNodeB operation by comparing throughput and types of data traffic across geographical areas or time periods.

Identify external factors affecting performance, such as interference.

Make informed decisions about network equipment enhancements and cell design.

UE Performance

Get user-focused insight on network performance from the UE’s perspective.

Verify quality user experience is being delivered within each cell environment.

Optimize QoE for specific user equipment, network environments, application traffic or time periods.

Visual Traffic Analysis

Get the whole picture with macro-view graphs for identifying resource drains as well as revenue opportunities across your entire network.

Make your data manageable with detailed graphs for individual eNBs, servers, applications or UEs. Quickly sift through mountains of data to get the best insight on your network’s QoE.

Save time and resources by generating these powerful visualizations in just a few simple clicks.

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