Artiza Ethernet Service Testers

Case Study

A Major Carrier Ethernet Operator Case
A major Carrier Ethernet service provider had issues as follows:
  • Increasing deployment but the budget is limited.
  • Subscribers ask to show bandwidth guaranteed even without their traffic.
  • Field technicians know about telephone, but no knowledge of Ethernet.
Artiza proposes to use GEST-1Ks/XEST-1s for Carrier Ethernet Setup-testing.
  1. Field technician brings GEST-1K/XEST-1 to subscriber and connect to the service line, then make a phone call to test engineer in network center to tell “Setup-test is ready".
  2. Test engineers in network center carry out the setup-test with remote control.
  3. When setup-test is over, the engineer in network center makes a phone call to the field engineer to notify “Test is over".
  4. The field engineer leaves subscriber site.
  5. That's it!

They have introduced more than 2,000 GEST-1Ks/XEST-1s eventually for Setup-test for deployment and fail recovery. They have succeeded to reduce deployment cost dramatically.

Pro Engineer in NW Ctr does Setup-Test.Field Engineers are just wait.